End of Life Care

As a pet owner, how do you ever decide when the time is right to say goodbye to a sick, elderly, or terminally ill pet that has poor quality of life?

While the decision of euthanasia is a very personal and private one, please know that our caring staff of compassionate professionals are here to answer any questions you may have. We recognize what an emotional situation this is and will make sure you and your beloved pet are treated with compassion, respect, and gentle care.

At Grayslake Animal Hospital, we understand the importance of the irreplaceable bond you’ve shared with your pet and will make every effort to accommodate your wishes at this very difficult time. We have a crematory on site and offer private or group cremations. Since we do not have to use an outside source for cremations, you can rest assured that we take special care in making sure the remains of your beloved pet – and only your pet – are returned to you.

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“No matter how or when we lose our furry friends, their love lasts a lifetime.”

Author Unknown