Experiencing an Emergency?

Grayslake Animal Hospital will do the best we can to accommodate emergencies, but there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when deciding whether we have the capability or if we would need to divert you to a nearby emergency hospital. For local, quality care we trust  Premier Veterinary Group, Veterinary Specialty Center, Blue Pearl Pet Hospital and WVRC – Racine/Kenosha. Hours vary amongst emergency hospitals ranging from 24 hours a day to daytime openings with closure at midnight. In the event that you are referred to an emergency hospital during our business hours, we are happy to send records wherever necessary to familiarize their staff with your pet’s medical history. We will receive a progress report from your visit so that we can follow up if your pet needs further care.

For your convenience, we have provided the contact and website information for the after hours location here.

Premier Veterinary Group
Veterinary Specialty Center